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Lars Strannegård / What Do We Need Art For?

Lars Strannegård is Professor of Management Studies and President of the Stockholm School of Economics, Sweden. Not only has Strannegård introduced art and literature as natural parts of education at the Stockholm School of Economics, he has also highlighted the importance of art and culture in the public debate. In his new book, Kunskap som känns: en lovsång till att lära sig något nytt [Knowledge that is felt: a song of praise for learning something new] released earlier this year, he argues for the role of cultural practices in understanding the world.

In his contribution to Bildmuseet’s anniversary forum, Lars Strannegård will discuss why art and culture become even more important in a digital world.

Strannegård’s research in management studies focuses on aspects of leadership, aesthetics, branding and organization. It has been published in many scientific journals, books and other publications. In addition, Strannegård is on the board of SVT, and Wanås Art, and has earlier been on the board of The Swedish Arts Council, the Swedish Film Institute, Nyckelviksskolan and Beckmans School of Design. He is one of the founders of the public art space Röda Sten Konsthall in Göteborg.

Sun 31 Oct, 14:00 / Lars Strannegård, Stockholm

Professor and president Lars Strannegård on why art and culture become even more important in a digital world.