Ingela Ihrman / What are You Doing Here?

A bunch from the forest moves around in Bildmuseet watching us, as we are watching them. Ingela Ihrman has created six costumes for six actors that portrays different creatures from the plant and animal world of the forest: a spruce cone, a pregnant shrew, a starflower, a pike, a fly and a horsetail grass.

Ihrman is interested in the border areas between performance, theatre and audio art. She tries to understand power relations in general and the relationship between human and nature in particular. Who is stranger to whom? If nature could speak, what would it ask us humans?

Ingela Ihrman (b. 1985) is an artist based in Malmö, Sweden. She has performed in her artistic designed costumes at art galleries in Sweden and abroad. Based on botanical, biological and culturally critical perspectives, she directs her gaze on human behaviour and western societal structures, not seldom with humour. The performance What are you doing here? was created in collaboration with director Maja Samuelsson and Ögonblicksteatern in Umeå.