Elin Már Øyen Vister / The History of the Circle Recounts

Elin Már Øyen Visters performance The History of the Circle Recounts/Gievlien mujttalis mujttale takes place in the city and along the Ume River/Ubmejen Jiännuo towards Bildmuseet and tells the story of how the three forn-norse Norns, Urd, Skuld and Verdandi are woken up from a more than 1000 year old deep sleep. They were trolled into this deep sleep when Catholic Christianity was forced upon the Sámi and Norse poluations of the north. As they awaken they realize the devastation that colonialisation, industrialisation and the ongoing ecological crisis has caused upon Sápmi and beyond. They begin chanting to call upon the the three Sámi goddesses Sáráhkká, Juoksákká and Uksáhkkáto ask for forgivness and for unity for the rescue of mother Earth.

Concept:  Elin Már Øyen Vister (Norway) in collaboration with
Katarina Barruk (Sápmi/Sweden), Natali Abrahamsen Garner (Norway) and Sara-Helén Persson (Sápmi/Sweden)
Joiker: Katarina Barruk and Sara-Helén Persson  
Singer: Natali Abrahamsen Garner and Elin Mar Øyen Vister
Choreography: Marianne Skjeldal (Norway) in collaboration with Elin Mar Øyen Vister (Norway)
Costume:  Tokyo Twins - Anne Ødegård (Norway) and Simon Daniel Tegnander (Norway)

The piece is a comment on the forthcoming truth and reconciliation process between the Sami and the Norwegian state. It asks: How can a state that still insists upon denying sovereignity to Sápmi and continues it´s neo-colonial repression of Sámi rights to land and rights,  take part in a reconciliation process? The performance works with the situatedness of the Ubmejen Jiännuo /Ume River, both past present and future. Connecting it to the Ubme/Ume Sámi history, horizontal movements from Ubmeje across the constructed national borders over to the "Norwegian" side.

The History of the Circle Recounts enacts the mantra of the polyphonic vocal arrangement created by Elin Már Øyen Vister and the Ubmejen Jiännuo yoik (The Ume river yoik) as performed by Katarina Barruk, from the 8-channel sound work currently exhibited at Bildmuseet, made for the exhibition  Eco-Visionaries  Elin Már Øyen Vister created the performance The History of the Circle Recounts for Rum for Performance, with support from Bildmuseet, NBK and OCA - Office for Contemporary Art Norway. 

Elin Már Øyen Vister (b. 1976) is a Norwegian artist and composer based in Røst, Nordland/Sápmi. Øyen Vister works within several artistic disciplines and has a broad audio and music background. They are occupied with listening as artistic practice they prefer to work site-specifically. By listening to the ocean, the sky, birds, mountains, buildings and people ́s oral and written stories, Øyen Vister seeks to include both the human and the non-human, the spoken and the un-told, in the nature-cultures we live in. Their work breaks with Western hegemonic narratives that have placed the human being in the centre, and instead focuses on landscape's innate stories and knowledge.