Perpetual Uncertainty / Programme

SUN 2/10 AT 14:00-18:00
The exhibition Perpetual Uncertainty / Art in the Nuclear Anthropocene is opened by Vice-Chancellor of Umeå University Hans Adolfsson. Tour by curator Ele Carpenter and panel discussion with participating artists.

SUN 2/10 AT 16:00-17:00
Panel discussion: Cécile Massart, Kenji Kubota, David Mabb, Robert Williams and Julia Yonetani, participating artists in the Perpetual Uncertainty exhibition, in a discussion on art and nuclear culture with curator Ele Carpenter.

SUN 9/10 AT 14:00
Talk and film: Environmental and technology historian Dolly Jørgensen from Luleå University of Technology: Anthropocene Animals: How humans are changing the planet and its inhabitants. Swedish première of Karen Kramer's film The Eye That Articulates Belongs on Land (23 min)

SUN 16/10 AT 14:00
Film: Nuclear Neighbour (78 min). Fredrik Oskarsson introduces his film.

SAT 22/10 AT 14:00
Concert/art show: New music by Viktor Elinder inspired by works from Perpetual Uncertainty, performed by students from Piteå School of Music.

SUN 30/10 AT 14:00
Film: I Live in Fear, Akira Kurosawa (103 min) and I Live in Fear - After March 11, Nina Fischer and Maroan el Sani (33 min).

TUE 1/11 AT 18:30
Talk: Images of Chernobyl by Lennart Johansson and Sören Mattsson, Professors of Medical Radiation Physics.

SUN 6/11 AT 14:00
Film: Let Them Believe by Franco & Eva Mattes (16 min), Toxic Camera by Jane & Louise Wilson (21 min) and Precarious by Merilyn Fairskye (66 min).

TUE 8/11 & THU 10/11
3D printing workshop led by artist Andrew Weir. Participants will make Pazuzu figures for the exhibition. Pre-registration required.

SUN 13/11 AT 14:00
Films on the theme of underground nuclear waste storage: Soulaines by Cécile Massart (10 min) and Containment by Peter Galison & Rob Moss (81 min).

TUE 15/11 AT 18:30
Museum Director Katarina Pierre gives a tour.

SAT 19/11 AT 11:00-17:00
Round-table discussion with artists and experts on Art and Deep Time Radiation. Pre-registration required.

SUN 20/11 AT 14:00
Talk: Moholy-Nagy, Klein and radiation. Ele Carpenter, curator of the exhibition.

TUE 6/12 AT 18:30
Museum Curator Sofia Johansson gives a tour.