Umeå Academy of Fine Arts 2015

Participating artists and list of works


Benjamin Andersson, born 1988 in Sundsvall, Sweden

Led/Trail, 2015
Series of paintings, oil on canvas

Benjamin Andersson works in the field of painting with the focus on assumption, perception and experience. Led is a series of paintings distributed one by one throughout the exhibition.

Translation of the Swedish word 'Led':
Pass / Trail, as in nature trail, or Route, as in traffic route
Also: joint / rank / file / direction / knuckle / suffered / sustained / wore / underwent / moderate / direct / lead etc.


Samuel Andersson, born 1982 in Sollefteå, Sweden

Portraits and their things, 2015
Oil on canvas

Six portrayals, 2015
Wood and canvas

Samuel Andersson works with the materiality of the painting, its spatiality and the implementation of everyday objects. The series Portraits and their things is a process-based body of work where the motif lies beyond the surface. The work Six portrayals is a confrontation between the useful everyday object, the sculpture and the painting.


Loes Degener, born in 1978 in Rotterdam, Netherlands, and
Douwe Mulder, born in 1979 in Shisong, Cameroon

High grade wind tunnel tested bird safety glass, 2015
Window sticker

Views and Visitors, 2015

The three works of Loes Degener and Douwe Mulder deal with quantification in the name of economic growth. Because growth is (sub)consciously worshipped, other species, demo- cracy and criticality suffer. What is valuable and to whom?

With the work High grade wind tunnel tested bird safety glass (billboard) Degener and Mulder make Bildmuseet a safer building for birds through the implementation of Swiss research into bird friendly building. Simultaneously they turned the window into a billboard addressing the need to stop the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership between the EU and the USA. is an online oracle in need of a curator. Degener, Mulder and have taken on that responsibility in cooperation with Den Tex. With the work Views and Visitors they address the quantification of culture through a juxtaposition of YouTube views and the Bildmuseet visitor numbers of 2014.



Joakim Friberg, born 1981 in Stockholm, Sweden

Obturing, 2015
Handwoven canvas in canvas

Joakim Friberg works within the tradition of painting but uses different kind of materials as a substitute to brushes and paint. Central to his work is the idea of the canvas as a material to work with, not on, and as a medium to investigate the definition of what a painting or sculpture is. (Sculpturally produced but painterly presented)


Anna Hillbom, born 1983 in Gällivare, Sweden

Trust and Gravity, 2015
Textile and plywood

Blood and Warmth, 2015
Birch tree

Rhythm of Certainty, 2015

In sculpture and moving image Anna Hillbom creates poetical sceneries. Material and shape are handled with a desire to bring out intrinsic qualities as well as a potential mystic. The works displayed at Bildmuseet form a non linear story that by the use of wood, textile and moving image, aims to subtly reflect upon trust and the possibility to make personal signifiers from memories of authoritarian symbols.


Funny Livdotter, born 1987 in Norrahammar, Sweden

Pissed Off, 2015
Mixed media installation

Can anger be constructive? Is it inappropriate to be upset? In the work titled Pissed Off, Funny Livdotter has been immersed in the theme of anger as a phenomenon, translating it into an energy during the process. Livdotter will show embroidered sculptures and an interactive sound piece in collaboration with Daniel Westman.


Oscar Mega Männikkö, born 1986 in Vittangi, Sweden

Pour Out A Little Liquor, 2015
Mixed media installation

The project Pour Out A Little Liquor is an ongoing investigation about post-global subculture. Living and participating in urban cultures in isolated places, such as the culture of Gangster Rap in the Arctic areas. Working with video, photography and soundwork, the work gives a glimpse of rituals and expressions in an otherwise largely unknown world. 


Erik Nilsson, born 1977 in Helsingborg, Sweden

From here to there in seconds, 2015
Installation, artist booklet, workshop

The artwork is presented in three different parts, each in a specific medium: an installation, an artist booklet and a workshop. They all revolves around one main concept - to make flying possible. 


Ann-Catrin Olsson, born 1984 in Färila, Sweden

Donated Moves, 2015
Performance and poster

Ann-Catrin Olsson's work Donated Moves is an approximately 5 minute long choreography made out of a mixture of donated moves. The performance will take place once a day, at 12:30, during the exhibition period.  In addition to the performance, there is a give-away poster of all the moves represented in the choreography.
Music by Sleeps in Oysters. Composers: Lisa Busby and John Harries.


Varg Strande, born 1984 in Oslo, Norway

Whitecube, 2015
Sculpture / installation with video and sound

A space within a space. A large cube, 15,6 cubic meters, in the middle of the large exhibition room. Externally white, internally black. On the inside, a video projection is shown on one of the walls. The video, accompanied by a voice from speakers, narrates a metaphysical space for the viewer. The artist choose the angle of reality. You through me.


André Talborn, born 1987 i Växjö, Sweden

Superpaintings, 2015
Color on canvas

We live in a world where it constantly becomes easier to share and spread images. In this neverending flow, André Talborn allow himself to be washed over and inspired by diverse imagery. Art historical and popular cultural references mixes with everyday motifs. Within the process of a painting/picture Talborn uses different tools such as brush, scraper, tape and air-pressure with which the paint is applied. On the surface various contrasting stylistic elements meet to indicate different speeds, interruption and rhythm.


Jonas Westlund, born 1982 in Sandviken, Sweden

The Volunteer Host, 2015

For the duration of the exhibition Between the Devil and the Deep Sea, graudating art student Jonas Westlund will be present as a volunteer museum host. Please come by and have a chat.


Katrin Westman, born 1987 in Örebro, Sweden

If I had no place to fall would you follow me?, 2015
Oil and car lacquer on mdf

In the piece If I had no place to fall would you follow me? Katrin Westman works with the meeting between sculpture and painting. Sharp lines create a structure that takes off into different directions, fleeing from the center of the painting. The piece is about attraction forces in the meeting between something strictly controlled and the opposite, to fall into something unknown.