Future exhibitions

  • Umeå Academy of Fine Arts 2017

    2017-05-06 - 2017-05-21

    This year’s exhibition by graduate students from the master’s programme at the Umeå Academy of Fine Arts is entitled Fool’s Gold. The exhibition title refers to the beginning of a journey that involves a permanent questioning of what defines values and expression.

  • Jumana Emil Abboud / The Horse, the Bird, the Boat, the Pail

    2017-05-20 - 2017-09-17

    Inspired by Palestinian folklore, Jumana Emil Abboud (b. 1971, Galilee) imparts new interpretations to stories and myths that she has collected. Through delicate paintings, poetic cinematography and oral performances, she explores personal and collective memories and what myths can tell us about ourselves, our history and the place where we live.

  • Roger Metto / Cryosphere

    2017-05-20 - 2017-09-17

    In a certain sense, Roger Metto is a landscape painter. His imagery, however, has both representative and abstract elements. Magnificent mountain ranges and deep valleys rendered in an extremely intense range of colours, with features from the mountains of northern Sweden and the Rockies, more closely resemble dreamland geographies. If human figures or buildings appear, they are small and insignificant against the backdrop of powerful landscapes.

  • Ana Mendieta / Omsluten av tid och historia

    2017-06-18 - 2017-10-22

    Blood, fire, earth, water and her own body; Ana Mendieta’s poetic and striking works from the 1970s and 1980s are a delicate balancing act between vulnerability and strength. Bildmuseet presents her captivating oeuvre through 21 films as well as a selection of photographs, drawings, prints and three-dimensional works.