Exhibitions 2007

2007-01-01 - 2007-12-31

Contemporary Arab Representations: The Iraqi Equation

- JANUARY 21, 2007
Iraq is in focus at Bildmuseet. In November, part 3 of Contemporary Arab Representations will be presented, with works by artists, filmmakers and journalists engaged in the present situation in Iraq.

Lukas Einsele: One Step Beyond - The Mine Revisited

FEBRUARY 4 - APRIL 22, 2007
In One Step Beyond, Lukas Einsele examines the worldwide phenomenon of the landmine, its victims, and its relationship to the social and physical environments. Together with photographer Andreas Zierhut, Einsele travelled to minefields and other areas in the world's four most heavily-mined countries: Angola, Afghanistan, Bosnia-Herzegovina, and Cambodia.

USSR in Construction: Graphic form in the early Soviet Union

FEBRUARY 4 - APRIL 22, 2007
The motto "a new society requires new art," stressed the artist's strong position in the revolutionary Soviet union. The exhibition looks at Russia's artistic avant-garde.

Umeå Academy of Fine Arts 2007

MAY 5 - MAY 20, 2007
Umeå Academy of Fine Arts presents an exhibition under the title Projekt´07 Painting, drawing, digital images, photography and wall tapestries are blended with audio and video works.

Skate Culture

JUNE 3 - SEPTEMBER 2, 2007
Skate Culture is a major exhibition on one of today's most acclaimed subcultures. From a small-scale hobby with roots in California's surf culture in the 1950s skateboarding has today become a global billion dollar industry including clothes, shoes, gadgets, music and film.

As Serious as Your Life

JUNE 3 - SEPTEMBER 2, 2007
What do we mean by "portrait" today? How can pictures depict and describe a person's life? In the photography exhibition As Serious as Your Life, three young photographers based in London display their photographic work on the theme of image and identity.

Jens Assur: I Can See the World from Here

JUNE 3 - SEPTEMBER 9, 2007
The swedish photographer Jens Assur has during a few weeks documented the enviroment at Umeå University. A selection of the photographs are presented at Bildmuseet in the exhibition I Can See the World from here.

Isaac Julien: True North

Sublime beauty, poetic politics and cinematic magic come together in Isaac Julien's video installation, True North, which opens this autumn at Bildmuseet.

Paola Yacoub and Michel Lasserre: Newsletter, Fuseki

Paola Yacoub and Michel Lasserre have been working together since 2002 with the work Newsletter. A work in progress, which investigates and comments the news media's picture and text flow.

Veronica Brovall

Sculptures of everyday materials in a monumental style characterizes Veronica Brovallen artistry. Bildmuseet is showing two sculptures, Rootfilling and Rootfilling 2 and a series of collages - Essen, Essen, Essen.

Anneke Eussen

Dutch artist Anneke Eussen creates her own universe with drawing and sculpture. In her first major solo exhibition at Bildmuseet the focus is on drawing.


OCTOBER 20 - OCTOBER 28, 2007
Vietprints presents works in various graphic techniques with five Vietnamese artists who are also teachers at Hanoi University of Fine Arts: Nguyen Nghia Phuong, Tran Tuyet Mai, Vu Dinh Tuan, Vuong Duc Trong and Nguyen Van Hien. Their work represents different artistic expressions with roots in a Vietnamese tradition.

Ursula Biemann

NOVEMBER 25, 2007 - JANUARY 20, 2008
Ursula Biemann, an artist, theorist and curator, has in recent years produced a considerable body of work on migration, mobility, technology and gender. Biemann's video projects have been represented in a series of international exhibitions, as well as in several books.

Game Art

NOVEMBER 25, 2007 -JANUARY 20, 2008
Computer games are one of today's leading popular cultural product. The exhibition Game Art shows how artists work with the aesthetics and the culture of computer games.

Yod Burrow and the mix-up of Chaste City

NOVEMBER 25, 2007 -JANUARY 13, 2008
In connection with the exhibition Game Art a group of students at the Academy of Fine Arts in Umeå, shows the development of the game Yod Burrow and the mix-up of Chaste City. The game, which is still at the production stage, contains screenshots, sketches, games, examples and animations. It also shows Rorschach, a game by Jens Andersson with art by Ida Roden.