Sara Jordenö: Diamond people – Instructions for a Film

2010-11-21 - 2011-01-30

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Jordenö examines the small factory community's close relationship to - and, at the same time, great distance from - Kwa Thema, South Africa and Suzhou Industrial Park, China. What begins as an investigation of these interconnected 'diamond communities', soon becomes an inquiry into the processes of documentary writing and artistic practice informed by anthropological fieldwork.

Sara Jordenö (b. 1974 in Umeå) is based in New York. She talks about her work as 'performative investigations' and her research projects usually grow over extended periods of time and result in several works. Jordenö has a background in creative writing and text is a crucial part of her artistic practice. In her projects she often use methods borrowed from sociology and anthropology. She is continually exploring what it means - as an artists - to take the role of an observer, and how that type of action can be documented and presented in the context of cultural production.