Room for Performance / Shift

2018-09-07 - 2018-09-09

Over an intense weekend at Bildmuseet and Norrlandsoperan, we fill our rooms with tought-provoking, political and poetic performances by artists and dancers from near and far.

The theme is Shift and the works presented move in borderlands. Where does the border run between human and nature? Is it possible to choreograph snails? What is a memory?  Some of the acts are durational, others are performances that you experience from beginning to end.

Join walks, challange your perception of the performing body, attend the creative workshop or publish a text at the reflection station. There will also be music, socialising in the bar and conversations on art.

Free admission to all events, at Bildmuseet as well as at Norrlandsoperan.
(For a detailed time schedule, please click here)

17:00 - 21:00, Bildmuseet
DJ, music at the bar

Lisa W Carlsson and Staffan Westerlund, Sweden

Black Holes
Seke Chimutengwende and Alexandrina Hemsley, United Kingdom

Horses and Heroes, re-enactment
Sally von Rosen, Sweden (art student)

Symphony of a Missing Room
Lundahl & Seitl, Sweden

Tie, Bind, Bond, Attach, Secure
Miss Vicc Repasi, Sweden/Hungary (art student)

Critique workshop

12:00 - 17:00, Bildmuseet

The History of the Circle Recounts
Elin Már Øyen Vister, Norway

Dry Fish
YoungSoon Cho Jaquet, South Chorea/Switzerland

In the Dark
Laura Cemin, Italy/Sweden (art student)

Bertrand Lesca and Nasi Voutsas, France/United Kingdom

Symphony of a Missing Room
Lundahl & Seitl, Sweden

What are You Doing Here?
Ingela Ihrman / Ögonblicksteatern, Sweden

Creative workshop and critique workshop

17:15 - 22:00, Norrlandsoperan
DJ, music at the bar

(The performance starts outside Guitars the museum)
Roi Vaara, Finland

Alzheimer Café
Valentina Vetturi, Italy

Blue Kongo
Sindri Runudde and Julia Giertz, Sweden

Barbara Matijevic and Giuseppe Chico, Croatia/Italy

In the Dark
Laura Cemin, Italy/Sweden (art student)

Between the Airstrip and the Surrounding Forest
Gerd Aurell, Sweden

Slow Pixel
Cyril Leclerc and Elizabeth Saint-Jalmes, France

12:00 - 17:00, Bildmuseet

Gaia Crocella, Italy

Symphony of a Missing Room
Lundahl & Seitl, Sweden

We Swim in One Water
Anastasia Savinova, Sweden/Russia

Round Table
Curators, participating artists and general public

Creative workshop and critique workshop