Nanna Johansson / Comics

2012-10-14 - 2012-12-02

In her satirical images and texts Nanna Johansson pokes fun at stereotypical gender roles and ideals depicted in popular culture and advertising.

Nanna Johansson (b. 1986) has gained attention for her hilarious and satirical comics. In her humorous images and texts, she pokes fun at the stereotypes of gender roles and ideals that stem from popular culture and advertising. She uses black humour to highlight the confusing world that young people are faced with today.

Nanna Johansson is also a columnist and has worked with radio satire programmes on Swedish Radio P3,  Pang Prego and Tankesmedjan. Her comics and illustrations have been published in magazines and newspapers such as ETC, Galago, Sydsvenskan, Bang and Verdens Gang. Earlier in 2012, her third comic book was published, Välkommen till din Psykos (Welcome to your psychosis). In this exhibition, Nanna will showcase a selection of drawings from her comic productions. She has also produced brand new drawings exclusively for Bildmuseet.

Interview with Nanna Johansson