Ingo Vetter & Detroit Tree of Heaven Woodshop – Motor Show

2010-11-21 - 2011-01-30

Bild 1Detroit is shaped by the automobile and its industry like no other city, it is the Motor City. It is a dynamic place and mobility seems to be the keyword for this city. Developments are not taking only one direction. In Detroit, things often simultaneously tend to get better and worse. What one builds up, the other takes down, and as a result, the city is always in motion. The car is omnipresent, but has lost its progressive potential. But there is a demand of new metaphors and Motor Show proposes mobility, symbolized by people overcoming obstacles.

In 2005, Ingo Vetter, Annette Weisser and Mitch Cope founded the Detroit Tree of Heaven Woodshop, set up as a loosely organized network of local specialists and develops art works and commissions for international museums and galleries. All frames, as well as other sculptural works in the exhibition, were specially produced by the Detroit Tree of Heaven Woodshop.

Ingo Vetter lives and works in Stockholm and Umeå, Sweden. He is a professor at Academy of Fine Arts, Umeå University.