Edith Marie Pasquier: 13 983 birds

2011-06-06 - 2011-09-04

Edith Marie Pasquier has developed a persistent body of work photographing and filming birds and other wild animals. Through her artistic practice Pasquier explores our relationship with animals - how animals are made to represent human myths and conditions - a complex relationship that is particularly pertinent with regards to global ecology and our impact on the environment.

A number of works have been developed specifically for this exhibition such as Consider the Birds: On Intimacy, shot during the ringing of migrating birds in Falsterbo, Sweden, this past spring. The title of the exhibition - 13 983 birds - is also the title of a specific work included in the show, a text installation which references a current Swedish court case.

With a background in sound, performance and writing, Pasquier has developed a poetic visual language in her conceptual approach to photography. She is interested in the failure of vision, in its seeming transparency, as well as with the activity of looking.

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