Dayanita Singh / The adventures of a photographer

2012-10-14 - 2013-01-13

Dayanita Singh is one of India's most influential photographers. Her magical, probing and elusive visual essays are now presented in an extensive solo show at Bildmuseet, the first comprehensive presentation of her work in the Nordic countries.

Experimental and interdisciplinary, she has moved between documentary photography and contemporary art in order to explore ideas on photography and narration. Her work often takes a curiously unsettling view of the everyday. Poetry, playfulness and surprise accompany a deep commitment to the medium of photography, which characterizes her visual storytelling. The Adventures of a Photographer comprises works from the last twelve years: dreamlike landscapes, cityscapes and industrial nightscapes saturated with intense colour along with carefully executed black and white images of people and interiors such as her renowned portraits of Indian upper-middle-class families and her latest project File Room.

A question central to Dayanita Singh, and one that she keeps returning to is: What is there to photograph in India, if not disasters or the exotic? In her artistic practise she has repeatedly questioned and ruptured the media imagery that has phantomised India. She insists photography is a subjective expression, an individual project, and cannot be reduced to nationality, gender or culturally specificity. How her relationship to the photographic medium has changed over time can be read through the different works in the exhibition. Through a strong sense of integrity and an explorative approach she has developed an enduring language and a visual expression of her own that takes us into the realm of the unexpected. Books and bookmaking are an integral part of this process and a dynamic part of Dayanita Singh's artistic practice as a photographer.

Dayanita Singh (b. 1961) is based in New Delhi. She has exhibited at the Serpentine Gallery in London, the Centre Pompidou in Paris and at the Venice Biennale. Together with Ai Weiwei, Romuald Karmakar and Santu Mofokeng she has been invited to represent Germany in the national pavilion at the Venice Biennale 2013.

The exhibition Dayanita Singh / The Adventures of a Photographer is curated by Katarina Pierre, Director Bildmuseet. Assistant curator: Polly Yassin.

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