Animal / Art across Species and Beings

2019-06-14 - 2019-10-20

The exhibition Animal / Art across Species and Beings presents film, painting, sculptural installations and sound art that in various ways reformulate the relationship between man, nature and non-human beings.

With an increased awareness of the vulnerability of the Earth, many of us question what we can do. Maybe we need to stop considering human beings a single species instead of one of several coexisting creatures, just another type of existence. When we acknowledge that human is not the crown of creation and that all life is closely linked, real change becomes possible: not only change of habits and behaviors, but also a redefinition of what it means to be human.

Among the participating artists are Jennifer Allora (US) & Guillermo Calzadilla (Cuba), Mary Beth Edelson (US), Luca Frei (Switzerland / Sweden), Pierre Huyghe (France / Chile), Louise Lawler (US), Brita Marakatt- Labba (Sweden), Philippe Parreno (Algeria / France), Amalia Pica (Argentina), and Paloma Varga Weisz (Germany).

The exhibition Animal is produced by Bildmuseet and curated by Filipa Ramos in collaboration with museum curator Anders Jansson. Filipa Ramos is based in London and works as a writer, curator and editor of art-agenda. She teaches at the master's program of Moving Image at Kingston University and at the Postgraduate Studies at Central Saint Martin, as well as the Master's Program in Art at Institut Kunst in Basel.