Art Friday!

Friday mingle at Bildmuseet! Since the new start at Umeå Arts Campus Bildmuseet has been open one evening a week, on Tuesdays. This Autumn we will give Friday evenings a try instead. Art, bar and free admission - Art Friday is a perfect way to round off the working week.  

Guest DJs are Nomis, August, Armas and Jätten from Liquid Sky, a DJ collective for elektronic and alternative dance music. A 45 minute "Walk and Talk" through the exhibitions is available (19:00) for those who likes to talk with others about art. 
Except from bar mingle with other visitors to the museum, the Art Fridays this autumn will offer music, performance, encounters with artists and writers, openings, art quiz, film screenings, walk-and-talk, guest DJs and much more. The restaurant offers a light menu if you want to have a snack.

Check out the Friday programme in the calendar, or just drop in and enjoy whatever is happening. Welcome!