The web site

Bildmuseet's web site is part of Umeå University's web site, but since we are using art images, there are certain things that are specific to our part of the whole. This especially concerns image rights.

The artists, of course, owns the rights to the art works published on Bildmuseet's website, and images may not be published elsewhere without their permission.

For other images it is the photographer who owns the rights. Umeå University has a specific agreement on how images may be used on our websites and in press - but there is always the individual photographers who own the copyright. The photos posted on the Bildmuseet site may not be used elsewhere without their permission. Send an email to Bildmuseet for contact information.

The media may of course have access to press images - welcome to the press room.

Otherwise, the same web site information for the rest of Umeå universitet.
Information concerning the Umeå University Web site.